Finding A Good Psychologist In Malaysia

psychologist Malaysia

There is no one particular area in Malaysia that bestows the accolade of being the top psychologist in Malaysia. Psychologists rank highest in Malaysia, followed by psychiatrists, counsellors, and clinical psychologists. Out of these top three, only psychiatrist performs higher than psychologist in a country like Malaysia.

All Malaysia has psychologist practicing in their respective areas. Psychologists are required in all government organizations and non-government organizations as well. Most of these psychologists are from foreign countries; however there are some Malaysian residing overseas who are also expert in their field. The main reasons behind selecting a psychologist from overseas is the low cost of living and working conditions. Most of these practitioners come to Malaysia after finishing their postgraduate degree programs. They are required to stay at least in Malaysia until they get a job which is more lucrative and suitable for their qualifications.

Psychologist has to follow strict rules and regulations while treating patients. For instance, they have to observe proper confidentiality of all the patients and maintain all ethical principles while handling them. The patients have to be treated with sensitivity and fairness. Normally, all procedures are conducted under the supervision of senior doctors.

Psychologists are required to be licensed or registered in Malaysia. They need to pass several written exams and training to be eligible to practice. A professional guideline on ethical practice is called as the Principles of Medical Practice (JPOST). All practitioners should adhere to these principles to practice. All lawyers are also required to register themselves with the Bar Association of Malaysia before practicing.

In Malaysia, there is no specific field of psychology. This means that any psychologist can choose to specialize in any field of interest. Psychologists can choose to be a general practitioner or a specialist. General practitioners are qualified to treat all minor and general psychiatric disorders. Specialists have to focus on particular disorders and go through specialized training to become an expert in that field.

There are several types of specialization available for Psychologists. One can become a social worker or a counselor. Counselor helps to deal with emotional issues and family problems. Counselors are qualified to treat such problems as abuse, alcohol addiction, bereavement, and other related problems.

Malaysia has many professional organizations in this regard. There are several professional associations like Association of Psychologists Malaysia (APM) and the Psychological Society of Malaysia (PSM). These associations have been functioning for almost a century now. These organizations conduct research and development activities to promote understanding about the mental health services in the country.

Psychologist in Malaysia offer a wide range of services. They include counseling, individual and group psychotherapy, family therapy, developmental counseling, geriatric care and much more. A good psychologist will always be able to meet the requirements of his or her patients. This is why, choosing a psychologist from Malaysia is a wise decision.

The area where the psychologist practices have a lot to do with his qualifications. Qualifications of a psychologist plays a major role in deciding which one to choose. For example, the qualification of a psychologist in Malaysia would be determined by the level of education, specialized training and experience. In addition to this, a license is also mandatory for practicing Psychologist. Thus, there is a lot of competition among the psychologists in Malaysia.

To be an efficient Psychologist in Malaysia, you need to be very compassionate and caring. You should be able to recognize the needs of the person and be able to provide them with the best possible treatment. Psychologists play an important role in Malaysian society. Therefore, when you visit any region in Malaysia you should ensure that the psychologist you are opting for has got a good reputation in the area. Many Psychologists in Malaysia are from foreign countries and they bring their unique culture and method of treatment. Therefore, you need to ensure that the psychologist in Malaysia that you select is qualified enough to handle the problems that your child may be going through.

For starters you can verify if the psychologist in Malaysia is qualified enough to handle the problem of withdrawal and addiction. Psychologists in Malaysia have to undergo many training and education programs and are also expected to acquire additional knowledge and expertise on their field. For instance, there are various withdrawal and addiction centers in Malaysia that you can choose from and one of them is the Rainbow Youth International. The center offers professional help and programs for teenagers and young adults with addictions.

The next thing to consider when looking for a psychologist in Malaysia is the area of specialization. The place where you live will largely determine the kind of psychologist that you will get. Most Psychologists work from their own private offices and you can also check out their credentials online. Once you get the qualifications and area of specialization that you are looking for then choosing the psychologist in Malaysia becomes very easy.