Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Use Fulfillment Companies To Handle Your Inventory

Fact: There is more to ecommerce fulfillment than meets the eye. Fact: Ecommerce fulfillment should be a reliable partner in your business growth. Instead of choosing an ecommerce fulfillment facility or fulfillment center just because of its proximity to you, consider the importance of data in your decision making. Data shows what kind of business transactions are happening with your competitors and how you are faring in comparison to them. The most valuable data you can have about ecommerce fulfillment involves the volume of your business today and the volume of orders you anticipate.

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Fact: Shrinking your inventory is good business practice. A key advantage of using ecommerce fulfillment services is that they provide you the tools and resources to increase your inventory and shrink your inventory when necessary. There are some very important reasons for using a third party company to warehouse your inventory. One reason is that ecommerce fulfillment companies don’t operate like traditional warehouses. Fulfillment warehouses are designed for long term storage of inventory, not short term storage.

Fact: You can use ecommerce fulfillment to help your inventory management. Ecommerce fulfillment providers offer tools that help you track your sales, identify sales trends and expenses, and even reduce inventory costs. By streamlining your inventory management and storing requirements through a third-party provider, you can make better use of your existing infrastructure, shorten your warehousing requirements, and reduce your overall inventory management costs.

Fact: Ecommerce fulfillment companies can help you save money on your end customer costs. If you are not able to meet the needs of your end customers by storing and shipping physical products, you are losing a lot of money. By moving that responsibility to a third-party provider, you can gain access to warehouse space at a lower cost and reduce your overall storage space requirements. Ecommerce fulfillment companies provide storage space at reduced costs and improve your end customer experience by moving it to the correct location, improving the pick and pack process, reducing returns, and increasing customer service. This means that when your customer makes a purchase from you on ecommerce fulfillment, you are reducing the risk associated with returns and making the buying experience as convenient as possible. This is a win-win situation for both you and your customer.

Fact: Ecommerce fulfillment services to help you improve your overall quality control. When you have quality control issues related to not having the right inventory in stock or poor packaging, it can impact customer perceptions of your ability to provide quality products and services. If you have poor quality control, you run the risk of losing your customer and gaining a bad reputation. In addition, if you are unable to meet your end user needs because you aren’t packing and storing products correctly, you can run the risk of never gaining a new customer and losing all of your previous customers.

Fact: Using ecommerce fulfillment reduces your risk of incurring penalties. When an order comes in that requires further processing or even shipping, there may be additional fees that you will need to incur to fulfill that order. Some ecommerce businesses may choose to have a third party handle these activities so that they do not incur additional fees for picking, packing, and shipping. These services help reduce your risk of incurring fines related to not picking an item that was paid for and then shipped as requested. Many ecommerce businesses also choose to have fulfillment companies pack and store their orders so that they are able to accept credit cards and process orders without having to worry about whether or not their warehouse is full and therefore losing potential customers.

Fact: Ecommerce fulfillment services to improve your ability to serve your customer base. You no longer have to spend hours driving around different stores searching for a specific product. Once you have an ecommerce fulfillment services provider that you trust, you can have them pack and ship all of your customer’s orders from your website or from your office. Instead of spending time on the road, you can spend that time working on new promotional offers or other products that you can launch in stores that you have previously thought were unprofitable. This also allows you to increase your sales figures because you will not only have a larger number of products available to sell, but you will have an easier time finding new customers.

Fact: Using an ecommerce fulfillment services provider allows you to save a great deal of money. You no longer have to invest in expensive full-time employees who can only be used on a part-time basis. By using a third party fulfillment company, you can have them fill orders and ship products to clients all over the country. Instead of investing in vehicles, employees, and space for in-house staff, you can simply hire a team of experienced professionals who can take care of your entire logistics needs.