Using Accounting Software for Small Businesses

As the most important new development in modern financial management, SQL Accounting is a strategic business tool, delivering unprecedented strategic, operational and budget-driven capabilities. SQL Accounting is a comprehensive integrated enterprise-wide system, introducing a powerful unrivaled integration of control (single dimension reporting), power (many dimensions reporting), technical expertise (web-based GUI access), and dynamic EIS tools (customer databases, E-commerce modules) to speed up business flexibility. SQL Accounting offers its users unprecedented benefits: a rich and wide knowledge of financial data plus a powerful, consistent, scalable, data-friendly integration of these data with other important business information. It also guarantees superior user productivity and decision support.

sql accounting

This outstanding product is a logical extension of the world-wide-office accounting software industry and is the result of two decades of research and innovation. The unique feature of SQL accounting software is the transparent use of financial transaction logs (TDL) – a key process in controlling the financial operations. With this transparent database management, companies gain full control over their financial transactions, which no longer need to depend on a distant server. The exclusive transaction log feature enables users to effectively monitor, manage, trace, and act on the financial data.

As the most complete solution for online or real-time accounting, SQL database is the true cloud accounting solution. No matter if your data are scattered across different desktop or laptop computers or are located on the rack in the mainframe of your company, SQL accounting software gives you the ability to access all your data, at the click of a mouse. Its mission-critical capabilities such as full text search, powerful analytical processing, full compliance monitoring, multi-dimensional views, and efficient access capabilities help you quickly locate any piece of information that you need. In fact, you can use SQL accounting services in order to obtain more accurate financial statements and other reports that can help business managers make sound decisions.

As compared to traditional databases management, online transaction logging is one of the main features of SQL eIS tools. This feature provides users with fast transactions processing and high level of flexibility and speed. Its real-time posting feature also facilitates notification of every transaction in the database, including those that go out-of-bounds. Real-time posting feature of SQL eIS tools allows users to send orders, create subscriptions, and alter subscription information from anywhere, anytime. Its ability to send reports and perform analytics on unending streams of data makes it a preferred choice for any business requiring a fast and effective reporting.

Another powerful feature of SQL e-Proc is its robust client-server architecture. It offers full integration with Microsoft ERP and MS Access database. Its extensive feature set and advanced query optimization capabilities provide users with an easy and reliable integration and query optimization experience. In addition to its ease of use, it also provides superior analytical and reporting capabilities over both Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL Server database. Through its rich and wide database support and extensive functionality, it enables users to build, test, analyze, and utilize their business reports and data to get a better picture of their entire customer and business environment.

Business managers who are looking for the best accounting software solution should consider the importance of incorporating dynamic e-commerce features such as in-house shopping carts and multi-pricing capabilities. Dynamic pricing based on current and historical prices, fixed or floating prices, discounting rates, and pay-per-click system are some of the many features that can be availed by using accounting software designed to meet the requirements of e-commerce businesses. Other important functions include data collection management, inventory control, billing, customer service, and sales tracking.

Small businesses that cannot afford to invest in purchasing and maintaining in-house accounting software, can choose to use cloud-based and stand-alone solutions, which can be easily installed and managed by IT professionals in the company. These solutions, on the other hand, provide access to a comprehensive range of reporting and data collection features for small businesses, such as sales and customer service tracking, budget analysis, and employee demographics and performance management. The key benefits of using cloud accounting software for small businesses are the cost savings and flexibility that come with its mobility, along with its centralization of data collection, management, billing, and inventory control. Cloud-based solutions are also flexible and provide access to a variety of reporting and data collection features, which are easy to modify depending on the need of the company. Most cloud-based solutions are based on user data integration and advanced collaboration and messaging tools.

Businesses dealing with a large volume of credit notes will find it easier to manage their financials with the help of a quality SQL-based small business accounting software. Through its credit note imaging capability, it allows businesses to reduce the cost of collecting credit notes and reducing the number of credit-related disputes in the sales process. Small businesses can expect fast execution, support from IT departments, easy accessibility to database applications and integrated database management and billing capabilities, along with high levels of flexibility, performance and scalability. This type of small business accounting software also provides effective lead tracking and real-time information delivery. For businesses that generate a large number of reports and data, cloud accounting software is an ideal solution.