Women Fashion 2021

Fashion is a really important form of art and has affected women s place in society as it established certain social expectations for both men and women. As an example, it was not common among upper-class women to wear pants before the 1920s; in fact it was considered unmanly for a woman to do so. However, over time this trend has shifted and now high fashion is seen in mainstream media, which often makes it very clear that fashion is not just for the rich and famous anymore. Today, there are lots of reasons for wearing fashionable clothing and among them is to make a statement about how you perceive yourself.

One of the first styles introduced by fashion was clothing created for soldiers, who wore matters like the GI Joe clothing line, which aimed to provide military fashion at a lower price. This was in reaction to the trench coat, which was becoming too expensive for the middle class. Also during the First World War, the British Army introduced special uniform known as the camo suit, which was distinct from the regular army uniform because it had darker colors and was made out of camouflage fabric. Although not all the girls who wore camo suits were actually in the army, they did wear them as a fashion statement to distinguish themselves from other girls.

Through the First World War, trend continued to change for both women and men, and it became more popular among the wealthy and middle class. This period of fashion included pants with short flaps, skirts with high waists, shirts with elastic collars, and coats with detachable buttons. During the war, these fashions became known as jodhpurs, which are still popular to this day. Eventually, the uniforms adopted during the First World War evolved into the army camo and combat trousers and shirts, while combat boots remained traditional.

The Great War also caused a cultural shift when clothing fashions among the top class transformed, as the rich became more stylish and dressy. For instance, there was a great popular trend for women to wear dresses which were long, elegant, and reached the hemline at the knees. The skirt also became shorter, with pleats and cuffs that reached the wrist.

Another fashion trend that emerged for girls was to wear pants with hemlines, and skirts with hemlines that reached the ankle. Although not a comprehensive history, this can be regarded as a precursor to the current fashion trends that we see today. It was during the Second World War that style started to change again, as the soldiers of the British Army changed their clothes. They adopted new clothing styles, which comprised khaki uniforms, overcoats, and woolen caps.

Additionally, women began to dress more formally, and their fashion choices reflected this. Evening wear, that was earmarked for women who were married, began to include skirts, jackets, and blouses under their clothing. This tendency toward more formal evening dresses remains prevalent in modern society. Today, many professional women wear evening wear to work.